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My name is Adrian Konopnicki and I am a Reiki Master and teacher. My personal aim is to help you find your own path to healing and well-being. Distance Reiki is my primary healing treatment of choice, but I am also deeply interested in helping you discover a clean diet with whole foods and healing herbs that can support your journey to a healthy, mind, body and spirit.


The form of Reiki I practice is the original form of Japanese Reiki, which has only recently been rediscovered by MIKAO USUI (1865-1926), after years of research, practice and meditation.


My interest in self-healing techniques has led me to discover hypnotherapy, electro-acupuncture and finally to Michael Kaufmann, a Master Reiki teacher who introduced me to a whole new way of healing.

My goal is to help you rediscover your inner connection through simple meditation and relaxation techniques - the same techniques I have known all of my life. Since I was a young boy when I began to draw and paint, I have had innate healing capabilities. In the process of creating my art, I would travel to the silent space in my mind and follow the brush. I would then allow the process to unfold, as it slowly came to life on my canvas, stroke by stroke, actualizing this deep form of meditation. Later in life, I began to practice different forms of sitting meditation which gave me great healing and inspiration. My wish is to inspire you to find your own healing meditation.

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" I believe there exists the Supreme Being-The Absolute Infinite-a Dynamic Force that governs the world and the universe ... I shall call it 'REIKI' because I studied under that expression ... Being a universal force from the Great Divine Spirit, it belongs to all who seek and desire to learn the art of healing."




"After just a few minutes after the distance healing session started, I felt a current of energy going through my body. It was a very relaxing and calm experience. After just one session, I have overcome the stress I was feeling. Over the next few days, I felt more relaxed and calm. MISHKA HAI (London)"


"I had trouble sleeping for two years. After just a few sessions, my sleeping pattern has improved. GERRY BRYS (London) "


"I had a bad dental tooth abscess and I asked for a distance Reiki session.Just after a few sessions, my condition improved very much.Thanks. MONICA LAROBINA (Italy)"



"Adrian is truly committed practitioner. His approach is professional and dedicated.The treatment itself is comforting and deeply relaxing. Very often one can feel tension simply melting away. I can recommend Adrian to anybody seeking help through complementary and alternative therapies.





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